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I’ve read from Stevepavlina that coffee is in reality a kind of poison that wrecks our nervous system. According to his blog article, what we experience as the welcoming effects of coffee, the “highs” and the “stimulation” we feel when we drink our favorite cup of java, is only our body’s reaction to get rid of the poison that entered our system. Not a good news for coffee addicts, isn’t it? poor me 🙁

More than the fear however, (aha!) what fascinated me was how something that seemed so negative could trigger something positive in return. (now that’s more like it)

Our problems in life for instance. Its these problems that shape our character, making us stronger, more resilient, forgiving and more capable of love.

Without any challenges in life, problems to fix and puzzles to solve, would people need much brain then? Maybe we’d be more like a fish whose only problem is to swim and find its food.

What we rarely realize is that people need problems as much as the solutions, challenges as much as the sweet victories emanating from them.

Why do you think there is a proliferation of reality tv shows nowadays? Aside from commercialism and the satisfaction of our natural curiosities, people crave for challenges they no longer face in their boring day to day lives.

For instance, who would ever eat a catterpillar within the sanitized walls of the office? Who would dare climb a ten-story high building? Who would set himself on fire or try to survive on fishing for weeks? We don’t do these things anymore. We’re now far more sophisticated than that.

But did our sophistication made us any stronger? Did it make us sharper, or faster so we could easily avoid predators like lions or bears?

It didn’t. It wasn’t necessary anymore.

The lack of enemies made us softer, complacent, couch potatoes whose only challenge is to win the next on-line role playing game.

I’m not saying we go back to the dark ages, or to throw away our office attires and head out towards the jungle.

What I’m saying is that we can still appreciate the problems before us, the poisons that could help us become better persons. Whatever fails to kill you will indeed make you stronger, better.

So maybe, coffee addicts will just have another excuse for not letting go of their java, won’t they? Have a good day everyone.

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