I’ve just recorded my favorite songs, pictures and movies in my iPod. It’s a sort of collection that I wish to take with me wherever I may go. Somehow, it came about with my previous plans of migrating into another country. Yeah, these songs aren’t only songs. They represent a certain part of me I do not wish to forget.

It’s with this thought that I’ve realized how this iPod is very much like our memories, memories that become imprinted in our soul. Which memories do we want to keep? Which would we rather discard and forget?

In your iPod for instance, what kind of music or photos have you stored in there? Are these really the most important songs and pictures you wish to keep and remember? What does it reflect that you value most in your life?

By trying to store certain videos or scenes, I was also trying to keep the feelings associated with them, feelings and thoughts that have helped shaped who I am today. Scenes of Christmas for instance, and how warmly and strongly it’s being celebrated in my hometown. Scenes of love and family is another. Though I be far away, I know I wouldn’t depart from those on a soul level. Most important of all are scenes of my home, the laughter and the fellowship that can never be replaced elsewhere.

If you are to start collecting the most important scenes you’d like to keep forever, which shall they be?

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