it's not how fast you travel 2012Wherever you are in your life’s journey, remember that it’s not how fast you travel that counts. What truly matters is how you spend the time given you. Why be in such a hurry? Where are you headed to anyways? There will always be mountains to climb and seas to cross. There will always be dreams to dream and stars to reach.

So spend some time savoring the moment just where you are. Are you with your family? Then give them your undivided attention. Are you playing a game with friends? Then be in that moment and really have fun!

You can’t always look back, nor can you always look ahead. You will miss so much along the way if you do that. It’s not how fast you travel, it’s not who gets there first. It’s the memories you will make, it’s the love you will forever keep with you. Live the life you have right in that moment where you are. 😉

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