lessons on self confidence 20121. Looks aren’t the most important thing.

• Some attractive people even feel inferior because they think people only like them because of their looks and not their personality or other important traits.

2. Achievements aren’t the most important thing.

• Achievements always change. Sometimes you’re up, other times you’re down.
• Although some people have already achieved much, you don’t know if someday, you will even achieve more than they have already achieved. Your potential for achievement may even be greater.

3. Skills aren’t the most important thing because they can be learned.

4. Wealth isn’t the most important thing because they can be gained by means which does not in any way indicate that the person who gained them is far superior than the one who didn’t or chose not to use such means. Also, wealth can be found and it can be lost, it isn’t a permanent indicator of one’s worth. Even wealthy people don’t want others to fall in love with them just because of their money.

5. Beliefs are important, but just like skills, they can be learned, corrected or changed. And we all have the power and the freedom to do that.

6. Being unique is important because that makes you the only living person who can offer the world what you have. So why be afraid if you don’t fit in at times? Be proud that you can stand out!

7. There are many things that you can find good and lovable about you, things you may have ignored or taken for granted because you have always possessed them all these years. As proof, we get attracted with people who have positive traits that are similar to us. We may not have noticed it, but noticing them now, thinking about it and writing them down can help us believe that we have indeed been attracted by such traits, and if we have, then it is quite possible that other people will also be attracted by such traits that we already possess.

8. Instead of treating your mistakes as signs of your inferiority, why not treat them as lessons learned that will increase your wisdom and your strength, and therefore, increase also your self confidence?

9. Rejections by other people happen all the time, it doesn’t mean you’re less deserving of attention or love. For instance, isn’t it good to be rejected by people with bad habits and evil intentions? Doesn’t it say much about them as it does about you?

10. Some criticisms may be productive and we can learn much from them. Other criticisms merely indicate things that the person himself hates about himself and does not want to see in you. It does not even say whether he is right in hating such traits or whether he has merely associated such traits with other things he truly dislikes. Just think about the celebrities that you know who have often been criticized. Even truly good world leaders have been objects of criticism. But that doesn’t mean they deserved every criticism they got or that they should already lose confidence because of them.

Never Let Yourself Down

There will come a time when people would put you down.
People would judge you. Those who hardly know you. And those
whom you thought knew you well. You will look for comfort
but you will find none. You will wander the streets weeping
but not a friend will be in sight.
Never let yourself down. Take heart, for no matter how awful
the accusations against you are, you are still a child of God.
This is the time when your love for yourself will be tested.
Whether you will believe what others say about you, or whether
you will stand your ground because you know yourself best.
Take comfort knowing that you are never alone. God still
believes in you, you know. God loves you and sees in you
the person everybody else failed to see.
Don’t fail to see that person. Never let yourself down.

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