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Letting Go is a Very Hard Lesson in Life


Letting Go.

It’s so easy to say it,
especially if you’re not the one letting go.

If you were the person doing so,
you’d know how difficult it is,
and how almost impossible at times.

Why should I let go?
Why do we have to let go at all?

How do we know when and what to let go?
And how do we know what to hold on to?

In my belief,
for as long as it is possible,
never let go of something valuable to you,
something of a priceless worth.

Fight for it!
Protect it always,
defend it from all harm,
and from everything that may ever dare take it away from you.

We need only to let go of the things
that have already accomplished their purpose in our life,
things we no longer need,
or things that hinder us from welcoming the things we truly need,
things that can give us true joy and peace.

But then, you may ask:
What about in times when I no longer have the power to hold on to it,
and to fight for the thing most precious to me?
What about in times of death,
death that takes away the presence
of those I hold most dear?

I answer first,
that I have no words to soothe such grieving hearts,
for I know that none can soothe me then as well.

I have but a glimmer of hope in that instance,
that even in death,
there is something of love that remains always with me –
a memory perhaps,
a song,
a withered rose pressed upon the folded pages of my book.

A tiny voice also asks me a question
that forces me to look for wisdom –
“Is the presence of your loved one
dependent only upon their physical form?”

As such, I might be forced to reply
that the physical body is merely a shell cast away when it is no longer needed.
It is let go so that the soul might be freed at last!

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