Love Is Not a Goal


love is not a goal 2012There comes a time when we focus on a goal so much that we forget what really prompted us to reach for that goal in the first place.

Why try to achieve that goal? Why work so hard? Why dream at all if not for love?

Love after all, is what often propels us to seek out our goals. But how often have we forgotten it in our pursuit of lesser things?

Hence, when delays and other setbacks happen, our hearts become easily gripped with impatience and fear. Our inspiration turns into desperation. And anxiety soon fills out the void where love once was.

Love after all is not a goal. In that perfect moment where love is, we are satisfied and we pursue not other things just to make us happy. We are already happy, and we seek out only to accomplish other things because we already overflow.

But everytime we focus more on our goals than with our reason behind those goals, love takes a backseat and is easily forgotten.

See how even good things can rival love. Even good works can lead us to much frustration when they don’t yield for us the fruits we want.

When we focus more on such goals and then lose God’s very Presence along the way, we lose the presence of love, and everything soon loses its meaning, even the goals we seek.

How are you feeling today? If stress and anxiety are beginning to take its toll, ask yourself if you’re slowly losing the very presence of love.

10 comments on “Love Is Not a Goal

  1. Dawn says:

    How interesting that we both wrote about similar topics this week! I agree with you that love is not a goal – it exists all around us in ample amounts. Perhaps the goal for many is to break down those walls that are built out of fear, the walls that keep us from accessing Love.  I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded and supported by a very loving foundation and I recognize its presence in my life on a regular basis.  I recognize that part of my purpose here, this time around, is to communicate that love to those who might be struggling and have lost sight of their own unique connection to Love.  It’s interesting to read someone else’s thoughts who is on a similar path.  I have enjoyed my visit here!

    – Dawn

    • That’s really interesting Dawn.  😉  I have just dropped by your blog, too!  I guess synchronicities like that happens, especially when truth reveals itself to us in many ways.  It’s good to have people like you around, carry on with radiating Love!

  2. With all the quirkiness the world is experiencing right now, it’s often that people “aren’t feeling the love.” Empaths have challenges now, don’t they? Thanks for your healing words:)

  3. So true, Joyce. Sometimes I can get so caught up ‘doing good things’ that I forget love and the good things become a drudgery! Thanks for the reminder to focus on what’s important.

  4. Debbie McConnell says:

    I think making love a goal is almost as bad as, looking for love in the wrong places. Love is just something that happens, in the weirdest, strangest places with often the most unexpected person. 

  5. T.J. says:

    Your thoughts were perfectly timed for me today and my situation. Thank you for the reminder that we need to focus on the love our Lord gives us and be a conduit for his will to those we love.

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