I came across a website called michaelteachings.com. It taught about the age of souls and of different soul groups that roam the earth. It’s based on the principles of karma and evolution, where a soul undergoes many lifetimes of refinement until it becomes enlightened.

There was a description of the characteristics of each soul age, and per such descriptions, I believe I fall under the group of old souls. Yikes!

It is said that old souls have already undergone many lifetimes of refinement, they have learned a lot, have dealt with their karmas, and are just getting ready for lift off. Yikes again!

It further described those souls as having little energy compared to the other soul ages. Like old people, they have already gone through so much and are not impressed anymore with trivial things.

Well, maybe that explains a bit about why I don’t have such a huge energy reserve and why I prefer a simple life, contemplating and focusing more on spiritual things. (Not that I’m religious or a hermit though!)

It is said that only about a tenth of the population consist of old souls, something that explains why they often feel they’re different. Yeah, I felt like it many times.

There was one more thing though that I’d like to add to their description. Old souls also have no heavy egos or personalities to cling on to. It’s like they could easily assimilate with other personality types and empathize with people. It’s just a theory, but I think it could be explained by the many lifetimes they have already lived as different people playing different roles and living different lives.

Maybe they have come to a point where they are closer than ever to integration, to that feeling of Oneness with everyone and everything.

It’s just a theory though, but I couldn’t help but think of it whenever I’m reminded of how much an empath I am, or how I could just know certain things without experiencing those things myself in this life time. How about you? What soul age description best fits you?

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