Let us learn to be more gentle with ourselves. Quite often, our harshness towards others is merely a reflection of our own harshness towards ourselves. – Jocelyn Soriano

God is kind and gentle. He is kind with you. He is gentle with you. How could you not be kind and gentle also with yourself?

While it is true that we must never let sin reign over us, neither should we let discouragement and harshness fill our souls. Harshness is not compatible with love. It is never compatible with compassion.

We need to love ourselves right so we’d know how to love others. It is this love within us that will spread to those around us.

If we can only understand ourselves more and have more patience for our shortcomings, maybe we can also be more patient with others. Maybe then, we can truly love others the way Jesus Himself loves us.

But we were gentle amongst you, like a nursing mother cherishes her own children. – 1 Thessalonians 2:7, WEBBE

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