Questions We’re Often Afraid To Ask

questions we're often afraid to askQuestions We’re Often Afraid to Ask
• Why should we grow up just so we’d grow old and die?
• Why are there people who can barely eat one meal a day while there are others who just throw away what they can’t eat?
• Why do we fill ourselves with pride when it is the humble that are easiest to love?
• If life is so short, why do we waste so much time?
• If we are so certain that we are right, why do we need to convince other people that we are right indeed?
• If we sacrifice our lives for someone we love, does it mean we no longer love ourselves?
• Why is it so important to have something to look forward to?
• If you can be the richest person in the world but then you would need to lose your memory, will you give it up?
• If you could have the power to foresee everything that’s ever going to happen in your life, will you receive that power?
• Would you rather be strong or would you be the one being taken care of?
• If you need to sacrifice one person’s life in order to save many, will you do it?
• How can mercy and justice exist at the same time?
• If you can live forever in this world, will you?
• If you would no longer have to work to earn money, what will you do?
• Would you rather be beautiful, or would you be the one gazing at a beautiful face?
• If you could change one thing in your past, will you?
• Why do we say we are ok when we are really hurting deep within?
• If everyone we talk to just wants to have a better world, why couldn’t we have one for a long time now?
• Would you rather that you’re in control of everything or that God is?

profile1Hi, I'm Joyce! If there is anything that's bothering you, or if you just need someone to talk to and pray for you, you can write to me by clicking here YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

"I bare my nakedness to the world that the world may see who I am; not the mask that hides my flaws, not the mask that hides my beauty. I bask in the light and I TAKE OFF THE MASK!"


  1. Dangerous Linda July 30, 2012 7:15 pm Reply

    Hi, Joyce! ~

    This is a thought-provoking post! I never thought about how much a person can say by just asking questions!

    How will this revelation impact my day today?

    What are the most important questions for me?

    How can I thank you???

    • Joyce July 30, 2012 9:36 pm Reply

      Thank you for dropping by, Linda! I often had many questions I couldn’t answer myself, so I thought of posting some here. ;)

  2. Igwe Solomon I August 26, 2012 5:28 am Reply

    Hello Joyce

    This one had me glued till the end. Nice piece you put up here. Not just nice but thought provoking.

    God’s grace.

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