At that time, Jesus answered, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you hid these things from the wise and understanding, and revealed them to infants. – Matthew 11:25 (WEB)

Have you ever had those times when something seemed to have been logically explained to you and yet somewhere within, you feel that something is just not right? Don’t dispel that feeling so quickly because it may have something valuable to tell you.

For in this world, there are many things that appear to be good but are in truth evil, and many things that sound pleasing to the ear but are truly rotten to the heart.

Don’t numb that little voice within you just yet. Don’t dismiss it as the mere stuff of naive children. At times, children can see things clearer because things are simpler in their eyes.

The devil is no fool. He can get people feeling about heaven the way they ought to feel about hell. He can make them fear the means of grace the way they do not fear sin. And he does so, not by light but by obscurity, not by realities but by shadows; not by clarity and substance, but by dreams and the creatures of psychosis. And men are so poor in intellect that a few cold chills down their spine will be enough to keep them from ever finding out the truth about anything. – Thomas Merton

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