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Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in 1921
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The Knowledge of the World

Don’t take in more knowledge than you can digest. Don’t take in such a burdensome quantity as to disturb the peace of your soul.

There is much useful knowledge we could benefit from. Knowledge that helps us do our jobs better, knowledge that helps make this world a better place.

But information overload has sneaked in suddenly into our lives, and we failed to recognize it when it arrived. We have consumed more than we could take in. Indeed, we became too knowledgeable to be truly beautiful.

Tons of books now tell us a thousand things we should do, a thousand reasons why we should do them, and a thousand more on how to do all of those things.

Many times, it is not anymore how much we know. It all redounds to who we are and how connected we are to the things that matter most to us.

Never memorize what you can look up in books. – Albert Einstein

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