The Most Glorious Beauty of All


the most glorious beauty of all 2012

Only things of real beauty remain.

In the face of glorious brightness,

all passing darkness fade away,

all lesser lights bow down,

to make way for the brightest light of all.

God’s Grace penetrates all passing shadows

all our little troubles

and all the little riches we strive for.

Only His light matters,

and once the Light of that beauty shines through,

we forget all else,

and we gain everything

that’s worth living for.

One comment on “The Most Glorious Beauty of All

  1. David W Einert says:

    Very, very Nice! The only absence of light is that which we perceive. What a wonderful picture full of color and light. It looks like early to mid morning as the moisture is evaporating from the ground at the end of the picture appearing in the light as fog. The deep green and browns of the trees blend nicely with the blue of the sky and the brilliant sun shine coming through. Shine is… People can shine when they choose to… Sometimes we choose the darkness as a comfort, quite, nocturnal hiding in silence opening to the brilliance of warm bright light.

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