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A man only begins to be a man when he ceases to whine and revile,
and commences to search for the hidden justice which regulates his
life. And as he adapts his mind to that regulating factor, he ceases
to accuse others as the cause of his condition, and builds himself
up in strong and noble thoughts; ceases to kick against
circumstances, but begins to _use_ them as aids to his more rapid
progress, and as a means of discovering the hidden powers and
possibilities within himself.


Law, not confusion, is the dominating principle in the universe;
justice, not injustice, is the soul and substance of life; and
righteousness, not corruption, is the moulding and moving force in
the spiritual government of the world. This being so, man has but to
right himself to find that the universe is right; and during the
process of putting himself right he will find that as he alters his
thoughts towards things and other people, things and other people
will alter towards him.

-James Allen

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