I am an empath. I could easily feel other people’s feelings, good or bad, as though they were my own. To an empath, the problem is not in connecting with another person, for it is as natural as breathing. The problem of an empath is how to set boundaries between herself and that of another person’s skin.

This boundary is not a wall that completely shuts out all the rest while enclosing oneself within. But it is more like the human skin, still sensitive, still able to touch, but is able to DEFINE the person within one’s own unique and beautiful personality.

There had been many times when I felt being absorbed into the personality of another. I could understand so well and actually live within the other person’s perspective. But along the way, I also lose my own self, like I didn’t exist at all! I didn’t like it when I felt as invisible as the wind. The wind touches you and knows you, yet you couldn’t grasp it. And at times, you aren’t even aware it’s there.

I don’t like to live like I’m invisible. I want to leave a mark, my own mark saying that I have lived and I have made a difference.

It could only happen if I’m able to define who I am, the person who is going to make that mark.

Yes, I am an empath, but I am somebody who needs also to be seen and understood.

I am special.

I am beautiful.

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