Why Do Villains Always Laugh?

why do villains always laugh 2012Why Do Villains Always Laugh?

Why is it that villains always seem to laugh in the movies? Is laughter to be associated with evil?
Are evil people happier than good people?

Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine. Laughter is supposed to be a sign of happiness.
Why is it so associated with evil?

On the other hand, good people are often depicted as either serious or weeping.
Should crying be a sign of holiness? Are good people not supposed to have a sense of humor?

I guess what we often see is just a stereotype depiction of villains.

Villains laugh not because they are happy, but because they want to appear happy.
They do not want to be in touch with their innermost feelings, because their feelings
would betray them, it would overwhelm them, if they have any feelings left at all.

Laughter is good. It heals us of many of our troubles. May we not think it’s the sole property
of villains, for true laughter comes from a clean heart, one who has learned how to cry,
and hence knows better how to really really laugh!

2 comments on “Why Do Villains Always Laugh?

  1. vickisha ann says:

    I never realized how true it is. I mean everyone has often noticed the evil laughter of a villain in a movie but I ve never really seen “a good person” laughing. They re always either silent or going through some sort of grief. It’s very rare that you find such a person laughing out loud, but I guess that is what true laughter is about; something that comes from a pure heart!

  2. Aleli says:

    Thanks you so much for posting this. This is right on time. I just got home from work and I was just thinking how I felt sorry for my workmate who’s being bullied by a group of people in our company. He didn’t come to work today and he even texted our boss that he will render his resignation so that the team status wouldn’t be affected by his absences. I was thinking of submitting an incident report because I do hear those bullies saying annoying things and even giving code names to my two team mates. It’s really unprofessional for them to act that way. One of them who bullies my workmate is even pregnant. Really, really dissapointed with such people.

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