Why Do We Give Up on a Dream?


why do we give up on a dreamWhy Do We Give Up on a Dream?

Why do we give up on a dream?  Why do we start a project with such an excitement only to end up feeling frustrated and defeated?

Starting a new dream is never easy, especially if this involves a transition into a new career or into a business venture we haven’t explored before.  But starting it is the easier part.  Persevering in that dream until it comes true is the harder part.

Below are some of the reasons I’ve noted why we give up on our dreams

1.        Lack of Resources

We may have miscalculated the cost that our dream would take, and this includes both money and the time we need to reach our goals.

We may have started out believing it would only take six months before we could start earning with our new business, but then a year passes by and we hardly breakeven.  Add to this the funds we need to continue infusing for the business as well as the cost of living we need in our day to day lives.

Before you start out with a dream, be sure to calculate the costs and make wide allowances.  If you think it would take you six months to at least breakeven, have sufficient resources for two years!

2.       Lack of Progress

It could also be that although you have allotted sufficient resources for your dream, you could see no tangible progress in reaching it as time passes by.  This in turn lowers your enthusiasm.  You start to question yourself if it is really possible to reach your dreams.

During such times, it is best to take a reality check.  Do you still honestly believe that what you are aiming at is still possible?  Or are you just becoming impatient with its attainment?  How long have you seen other people reach similar dreams?  Is it time to retreat and pack up?  Or is it merely time to make a slight detour towards a better strategy?

3.       Lack of Passion

Your passion for your dream will be tested not just a dozen times, but a hundred times!  Is this really what you want to do?  Are you in it for the money only or for a higher purpose?  Is this your real dream or just the dream of the people around you?

Many people give up on their dreams because they have come to realize that the dream they set out to accomplish is not their true dream.  It may be disheartening to know this after all the time, money and effort exerted, but it is still a blessing because now, they would know better what they really want.

There is a time to persevere and a time to give up, a time to dream and a time to move on and make better dreams!  Have the wisdom and the humility to acknowledge your stage of the journey, and pray for God’s guidance to help you see His beautiful plan for your life.

4 comments on “Why Do We Give Up on a Dream?

  1. melissa says:

    I gave up on one because I wasn’t being true to my heart anymore. I could’ve been more honest in the first place but I guess God really works in His own time.

    I built up a new one and I’m still discerning if God wants that I work on it alone or with somebody…

    The reasons you pointed out are very realistic but I think for one who truly wishes that his/her dream come true, everything else that hinders it becomes shallow…

    If God is for us, who will be against us?

    • Joyce says:

      I also gave up on some dreams because I wasn’t being true to my heart if I still followed them. And you’re right in saying that if God is for us, who will be against us?

  2. Irene says:

    These are great pointers, Jocelyn! I need to bear these in mind as I do my best to make my dreams become a reality <3 🙂

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