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Anti-aging products abound nowadays as though it is a misfortune, even a sin to grow old. Yet what is growing old indeed? Why do we grow old?

Growing old is a natural process, as necessary as birth is. And if we know how to live the life given us, growing old need not be a scary process, nor a dark time. We can grow old gracefully. We can shed our old body shell and surrender to the new, to a fresh new dawn heaven unfolds before us.

What does growing old tell us when we lose our physical strength and beauty?

  • It says that we have gained a new beauty within, far more beautiful than what can be seen by naked eyes.
  • It says we no longer need the strength of our physical bodies to perform the tasks which the spirit has been prepared to do.
  • It says that life goes on and that there is a time to rest as there is a time to learn and to explore.

Let not aging make you afraid. Let it not cover the beauty of life and its natural unfolding.

There is a reason for each season. Embrace it fully. Surrender to the greater good that awaits you – always.

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