Have you ever felt irritated by the weakness of other people around you? We don’t want to admit it, and we’d rather see ourselves having sympathy for the weak, but the truth is there are times when we do feel an uncomfortable dislike for people we see as weak. Why?

There are two things I’ve realized:

1. We hate seeing weak people because we don’t want to be reminded of our own weaknesses. We’d rather be in the company of strong and beautiful people as though by seeing them, we become strong and beautiful ourselves, we forget the scar of our hurts, our insecurities, the blemishes we don’t want other people to see.

2. We hate to see the weakness in other people because we feel that we’d be obligated to help them, and helping them is such a hard thing because we see nobody helping us anyway. We feel alone, even as weak as they are, and yet not being able to rely upon anybody else. Why should they in turn rely on us?

The weaknesses of others remind us and challenge us to overcome our own weaknesses. They are but mirrors we often don’t want to look for fear of seeing what we don’t want to see. Their weaknesses also remind us of our need for someone else, someone stronger than us, someone who can carry us when we can carry on no more. People have failed us many times, and that is why we often feel alone. Yet let us remember that there is a God who sees us just as we are and loves us just the same. There is a God whom we can count on to even if the whole world hates us for all our weaknesses.

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