Faith needs a new kind of eye to see, an eye that sees in the light of love. – Jocelyn Soriano

Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen me,you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed.” -John 20:29 (WEB)

There are times when we experience a lack of faith. We start to have questions. Doubt creeps in and we begin to want solid proofs to what we profess to believe.

Why do we believe Him in the first place? Why do we believe even if we do not see?

But when we come to think about it, we can turn this question the other way. Why should we not believe? Can we have more solid proofs that our faith isn’t true? That He doesn’t really exist? That He isn’t the most beautiful thing we could ever desire and have?

Believing in God is much like falling in love. You can’t have all the evidences and assurance you want. But somehow, what you have is enough to know that it’s worth taking the risk, and if you let go of your chance, you will forever forfeit the most beautiful thing you can ever have. You would gladly sacrifice everything because nothing can ever make sense again without it. You would gladly risk it all because without doing so, you know you have already lost everything.

“You never met him. You never heard him speak. You never even saw him from afar. Yet you… have more faith than most people. How is that possible?”
“Mary took me in as her own… When I look into her eyes, when I watch how she lives. That’s how I know that it’s all true. I see him in her. I hear him because of her.” -Full of Grace (Film 2015)

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