How Taking Off Your Mask Can Lead To Greater Productivity


how taking off your mask can lead to greater productivity 2012

There are many times when we hardly realize how the masks we wear could affect many significant parts of our lives, including our work productivity.  We think that by wearing a mask to the outside world, we could very well go on with our jobs,  showing off a successful image while a little vulnerable part of us hides somewhere, afraid to say something and be heard.

However, according to the book  “Career Satisfaction From Within” by Christopher Edgar, the contrary is true.  He starts by narrating part of his own experience:

“For most of my life, I felt like part of me was pushing against my efforts to accomplish my goals. Whether I was at school studying, in my office working on some document in my old job or preparing articles for publication, there was a persistent feeling that I had to drag myself kicking and screaming through my tasks. After a little while doing any structured activity, my attention would start drifting, tension would start building in my head and I’d find it increasingly difficult to get my work done. Part of me, it seemed, just didn’t want to do anything at all.”

Chris later explained what he called as “inner resistance”:

“The resistant part of me was angry because it didn’t feel it was ever accepted for who it was. It felt that the world only valued it for what it could accumulate and accomplish. Because the world had refused to unconditionally love this part of me, it didn’t want to contribute to, or do work for, the world.”

In my opinion, this “inner resistance”, and the lack or absence of “being accepted” had a lot to do with wearing a mask.  By wearing a mask that “we are ok” , “we don’t need anything” or “we’re strong” when we’re actually struggling within, craving to reveal our true selves and to be loved for who we really are, we have let our “inner resistance” grow through the years.

This inner resistance seems to be one of the reasons for our procrastination, hesitancy and lack of willingness to contribute all we can, to be productive in the truest sense of the word.

In other words, once we are able to really have the courage to face the mirror, to look at ourselves, and just give the person looking back at us all the acceptance and unconditional love that person needs, the more we’ll be able to let go of our “inner resistance”, and the more also could we start being more productive with whatever we’re doing in life.

Could you take the time today to reflect about the person behind the mask? Is he or she craving to be heard, and to be accepted for just being the person that he or she is?  We may have hidden that person unconsciously through the years, but it could be time to really set ourselves free.  We don’t need to prove ourselves to anyoneOur resume and our career achievements do not constitute our true worth. Once we understand that, we may find our inner resistance slowly slipping away.  We may discover that we really do want to contribute to society, not because that’s what’s expected of us, but because that’s what we really desire to offer to the world, being the unique and truly wonderful person that we are!

Chris by the way has a new book titled “Inner Productivity”. You can read more about it here


Devoid of memory and identity

I took on a mask

to cover my nakedness.

As time went on however,

I, the master became the slave,

as the mask sought to

impose upon me

things that I am really not.

Now I dare to remove it

and seek my freedom once again.

I bare my nakedness to the world

that the world may see

who I truly am,

not the mask that hides my flaws

not the mask that hides my beauty

I bask in the light

and I take off the mask!

6 comments on “How Taking Off Your Mask Can Lead To Greater Productivity

  1. Hi Joyce,
    I totally resonate with the idea of taking off our masks and bearing our souls. We can’t expect others to accept or love ourselves when we haven’t done it first. The work we do inside will reflect into the world. As we get more comfortable with ourselves, others will to. Nothing to hide, only to accept.
    Thanks for this beautiful reminder. Loving blessings

    • @Andrea – Hello, Andrea! I’ve been at your site, and it certainly resonates a lot of positive energy 😉 If we could only be secure within, that we are needed as we are, and that we could offer something to the world, maybe this world would come to be a far better place each day!

  2. Evelyn Lim says:

    I enjoyed your poem “I take off the mask” tremendously! I also find that masks can be layered. It’s working through the layers that allows me to get in touch with my true self. Taking off one’s mask requires courage. And I applaud you for it!!

    • @Evelyn Lim – Thank you, Evelyn! You’re right, masks can be layered. Sometimes, it takes layers upon layers of revelation until we come closer to the kind of person we really are. It takes a lot of courage even to reveal one layer, because many times it also entails the risk of getting hurt and of rejection. But there is nothing sweeter than finding out later on how you can be accepted as YOU. 😉

  3. JenP says:

    “Our resume and our career achievements do not constitute our true worth.”
    I’m glad you said that – I don’t feel I’ve achieved nearly as much as I could have but actually, having hit 40 two years ago, I’ve realised I’m not bothered.

    I read somewhere that measuring your achievement by the interesting things you’ve created is much more satisfying than measuring it by the salary you’ve managed to earn or the promotions you’ve managed to get…..

    Last night my achievement was bringing a group of people together for a meal and drink on a Saturday evening. They didn’t know each other but they got on like a house on fire….it didn’t make me any money and I can’t put it on my CV but watching people form friendships and swap numbers was rather exciting!

    • @JenP – That’s right Jen. J.K. Rowling once said that our CV is not our life. Life is difficult, and our failures help us find out where our true calling really is. Cheers!

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