breaking up and letting goIt is sad to let go of a person, especially if you love that person, and somehow in your heart, you know that person loves you, too. But sometimes, letting go of someone is the highest act of love one can possibly give, especially when we know that letting go is needed for the good of those we love.

Much as we want it, we cannot always grow together. And sad as it is, we carry our biggest crosses alone, as Christ did. There is a point in our lives, when only God can be there for us, and the only way we can be there for that person is by praying for them. When all that we can do is to patiently wait until the fruit ripens in season, otherwise, we would only spoil the buds, which can no longer grow in its full blossom.

Sometimes we get so impatient waiting for a plant to grow, but what we do not know is that we are standing in the way, and the shadow we cast upon it hinders it from receiving the light it needs to grow.

There is a time for everything. Even if we learn to step aside, and the plant finally receives the light it needs, we can never tell how fast it will grow. We can cheer all we want, and we can cry all we want. But the plant will continue to grow in its own phase. May we never get too impatient as to water it too much that it finally drowns. All that we can do is to give it space so that it can have room to grow.

Finally, after the plant has grown, we are never quite sure how much we are going to adore its flowers. Seeds sometimes look alike and we may never know what plant will grow out of those seeds. In our hearts though, we are hoping to find a rose or a mum, and we can never be more thankful if we learn that the plant has grown to be just like that.

At times however, we discover earlier that the plant we await will never bear the flower that we desire. But since we have alread waited for so long, we have learned to love the plant, and we try to convince ourselves that we will love the mum, even if it is really the rose that we long to see. That beautiful rose! We may have even been pricked once by its thorns, yet our wounds were nothing compared to the joy that the rose brought to our hearts. Yet now, there is no rose, there is only the steadfast mum. But what shall we do if the mum suddenly grows its own thorns and causes us pain? What shall we do with our bleeding hands when we finally find a rose?

God loves us so much, and we shall receive everything we believe is within the reach of His grace and generosity of heart. He doesn’t want to cause us pain, yet He doesn’t want to spoil our joy either. What is it that He couldn’t give us? A mum? A rose? He gives us a garden with hundreds of flowers to bloom in their season! Yet God will never stop us if from that garden of flowers, we would prefer to pick a mum, or if we would choose not to wait for another rose.

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