maybe not now but later on 2012

Maybe not now, but later on
the words you’ve said will be remembered
they will come back,
full of meaning, and of truth.

They shall return
and they shall speak
as though speaking
for the very first time.

Maybe not now, but later on
a heart will be changed,
a grudge will be forgotten,
a hurt will be forgiven.

In that perfect time
when a light shall be cast
to help us understand
what we have failed to fathom before.

Maybe not now, but later on
we all shall walk upon one road
hand in hand
heart to heart
singing together a brand new song.

In that perfect day
when we shall each other’s face
and be glad that we were friends
in that great journey we called life

In that day, we’ll be looking
at the same sky
and we’ll be dancing with one song
finally seeing
finally hearing
what our hearts have known
all along.

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