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when you're giving more than receiving 2012Some people are givers, they have much to give to others and many people benefit from their generosity.  There are times however when these people give so much that they feel drained from within, and there is nobody who is able to replenish them back. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt as though you’re giving more than you’re receiving and that sooner or later, you’d have nothing to give anymore?

Why do you feel as though you’re giving too much?  What are some of the possible reasons you continue to give without being able to receive enough?

  • To please others and win their love
  • To please others and avoid confrontation
  • Not to hurt people and fail their expectations
  • Because it is your obligation, you are required
  • Because you are threatened with punishment and fear i.e. God’s punishment and rejection

If you’ve had the above mentioned reasons in mind, you may want to re-consider the following reasons:

You may also want to think about the reasons why you feel you’re not receiving enough.

Why Aren’t You Receiving Enough?

  • Not asking for help due to fear of rejection
  • Not asking for help due to experience with people who ignored your needs and failed to help you in the past
  • Strong beliefs on martyrdom and the need for sacrifice
  • Help is actually being provided by God but not recognized or not in the form you want
  • Image of a demanding God requiring/ needing something from you

If you feel that you’re giving more than you’re receiving, you may need to think about the reasons why you seem to be giving so much as well as the reasons why you’re not receiving as much help as you need.

You should also note your own limitations in giving –  you may not have respected your limits often and you felt you always had to give even when you already can’t.

On the other hand, you may need to seek out more people who can also support you back, people who also have a lot of things to give and who would be more than happy to give of themselves to you.

God knows you and your limitations.  You need not carry the burden of the whole world upon your shoulders; He’s already done that for you!  In times when you can no longer carry on, let Him carry you! (See also “Why Is My Cross Heavier?”)

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