the world is unfairThere are times when I feel like the world is unfair.

Why is it that there are children who are born to very rich families and provided with more than they could ever need while there are children who are born in poverty with mothers who could hardly feed them?

Why is it that there are children who are so loved and taken care of while there are children who are sexually molested and abused by their own parents?

Why is it that there children who are so fortunate to be able to study in exclusive schools while there are those who couldn’t even go to school because they needed to work, to find some junk in heaps of garbage just to help their family?

Why is it that there are children who could enjoy their childhood and be happy playing with other children while there are those who have disabilities or who are already sick and dying of cancer?

And all along, people tell us to be happy, as though there is nothing wrong in all the world, and as though everything is fair and just.

There is injustice everywhere.  There is lack of love everywhere.  And even if people declare peace, there is really violence and evil.

The world is unfair.  But I guess we can only say that if we believe in ‘fairness’ and ‘justice’, if we believe in God.  And if we do, we don’t believe that this world is all there is.  There will be a time for fairness and for justice.  There will be another world far better than this dark one we’re living in.  For now, we have the opportunity to be true instruments of peace.

“Love and truth will meet; justice and peace will kiss. Truth will spring from the earth; justice will look down from heaven.”– Psalm 85:11-12, NABRE

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