I came to a very good realization this morning. I realized that there is one thing that’s missing in me, and that is the determination to reach my dreams. It’s true that I’ve been trying very hard in finding ways and means to realize my life goals, but trying hard isnt the same as being sufficient, trying hard isnt helping you keep your hopes alive when you meet one disappointment after another.

Sooner or later you’ll be exhausted, sooner or later you’ll give up. It’s as though you’re merely trying out your luck in the lottery, and when you don’t win, you say that at least you’ve tried, but it was just not meant for you, you weren’t lucky enough. But luck is truly not the question, for luck is not the same as destiny. And destiny can only be reached with a firm “resolve”.

When I studied hard to make it through college for instance, I didn’t just say I will try my best, and see where it gets me. I told myself that I will finish my studies whatever happens, whatever it takes! Whether I have enough money or not, whether the subjects are difficult or easy, I’m going to do it, and nobody’s stopping me. Destiny is like that. Its when you say to yourself that this is what you really want and you will never ever stop until you make your dreams come true!

“Determination as key to success” was written by HIYAS at ITAKEOFFTHEMASK.COM

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