For you will light my lamp, Lord. My God will light up my darkness. – Psalms 18:28 WEBBE

Our eyes are not made to focus on more than one direction at a time. We can only focus on one.

The same is true with spiritual things. We can either focus on the bad and be driven down, or we can focus on the good and be lifted up.

When we try to focus on evil, our spiritual eyes find nothing but darkness. No matter how justified we feel we are, dwelling upon the thought of sin pulls us down. It sooner or later infects our hearts as with a poison. It blocks our view of the light of God, which is our joy and our peace.

Thinking about sin, whether our own or another’s , creates a spiritual fog that robs from us the sight of God’s beauty. Instead, we should seek God’s healing and strength on behalf of us all, and when we look at another who has fallen into sin, we should focus only on compassion and our own brokenness, longing for God’s healing for us both. Without this attitude, our own souls will trip and stumble into sin. Compassion is our protection.– All Shall Be Well by Ellyn Sanna

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