I’ve always thought that in order to love people, you must understand them first. But later I wondered: If we truly wish to understand people, wouldn’t it be better if we first loved them?

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes,
but the LORD weighs the hearts.
-Proverbs 21:2, WEBBE

How far can we go in loving other people in times when we cannot understand? How do we love when we cannot see? How do we love when we no longer know where to even begin?

To Love and Understand

When troubled, do not begin
where you cannot understand,
where you can find much fault,
where it is truly dark.

Do not begin where you are right,
and the other one is wrong.
Do not start where it hurts
and you felt unloved.

But begin where you can see
just a little bit of light,
Begin by looking for the good
begin by being kind.

Soon you’ll see souls
merely trying their very best,
Soon you’ll see wounds,
and hearts that need some rest.

By beginning with love,
you will start to understand,
It is compassion that will save you both,
as you now walk hand in hand.

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