there are many paths to a dream 2012There Are Many Paths

There are as many dreams as there are people, and that is why there are also as many paths.  One cannot therefore say to another, “Hey, follow me, this is the way to your dreams.” For even if the dream be somewhat similar, the people following that dream will always be different.

Hence one person may prefer to take the rough path first, while the other prefers the smoother path.  One person may prefer to travel the seas first and then later on build one’s courage to climb the mountain.  Another person who has no fear of heights may prefer to climb the mountain first and then later on build the courage to cross the seas.

We also differ in our endurance.  Others may get tired easily and need to find some rest now and then while others don’t get tired as much and therefore move farther ahead in one’s path.

Some people may prefer to take it slow and savor each scenery along the way.  Others don’t care as much and prefer to reach their destination faster.

In the end, what matters is how we are able to reach our own paths and how we are able to respect the path of others who are also trying to find their way.

There may be points in time when our paths would cross, when we can cheer each other on.  During such times, let’s not hesitate to lend each other a helping hand if we could.

But as for those times when we must walk our paths alone or choose one that is different from the ones our companions are taking, let us not lose heart.  Let us not think that our friends don’t care for our journey anymore.  Who knows? One day our paths may cross again, and when they do, we’d have more stories to tell and more strength to share for the meaningful journey that lies ahead.

“There are many paths to a dream, but only one is yours.” – Joyce,

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