This Is My Moment!


this is my moment poem 2012This is my moment!
This is my now.
I live in it,
I breathe in it,
I move,
I sing,
I dance.

This is life,
this is forever –
the rain now pouring over me
will never be the same again,
so I cry
I hope
I laugh like a little child.

I look at the sunrise as though it is my first,
as though it will be my last,
I pray
I smile
I love!

I taste the fresh air
as though I’m born again,
I smell the rose
as though an angel gave it to me.
I am here,
I am loved,
I am seen.

This is my moment,
this is the very moment

10 comments on “This Is My Moment!

  1. Laxman says:

    Very nice poem. Thank you for sharing.. 😀

  2. Mellvindayrit says:


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