What If You’re Granted Just One Wish Right Now?


what if you're granted just one wish now

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What if you’re granted just one wish right now?  What would your wish be?  Would it be wealth, fame, an ideal relationship, or an ideal body?

Be careful for what you wish for though.  What if it comes true?  Could you handle the outcome of your wishes?  If you’re wishing for success, could you even maintain it?

Maintaining Your Success Is More Than Twice as Difficult as Reaching It

You can get rich quickly, but maintaining your riches would always have to be for the long run, that is, unless you want to lose it quickly, too!

Impatience provokes us to reach for the things we want in the soonest possible time.

  • We want to get rich – NOW
  • We want to be famous – NOW
  • We want to have our ideal relationship – NOW
  • We want to lose weight – NOW

But what if we could have all those things NOW?  For how long could we hold on to them?  For how long could we prevent losing them again?

Many people have succeeded using get-rich-quick schemes. Some have even won a huge fortune through the lottery. But how many have ever succeeded in maintaining their riches?  Many have lost weight through crash diets that almost starved them to death. But how many have been able to maintain their desired weight?  Many people have also seemingly found their ideal relationships.  They followed certain books that told them how to behave like somebody else just to get the people they want.  For how long could they pretend and fool the ones they loved?

You may magically see a genie right now who could grant your wishes of sudden fame, fortune and happiness NOW.  But before ever making that wish, think about it deeply.  Could you hold on to what you’re given?  Achieving these things only to lose them over again would only be more painful in the end.  It could also trap you into a life you don’t really want.

  • Before you attain your riches, try to discern deep in your heart how you would really like to earn money.  Would you like to earn money through a certain means over and over again?
  • Before attaining fame, try to imagine how it is to be a famous person.  Could you tolerate all the attention given to you?  How would you handle all the requests and pressures around you?
  • Before getting into a quick relationship with someone by pretending to be somebody else, try to see if you would really want to be loved for the person that you are not.
  • Before getting into that crash diet or exercise program, ask yourself if you could maintain a lifestyle that supports that kind of body you want.

Maintaining your success is more than twice as difficult as reaching it.  Seek not for success first.  Seek for the person you really want to be and for the kind of life you truly desire.

4 comments on “What If You’re Granted Just One Wish Right Now?

  1. Hi Joyce, I personally believe that anything good in life worth keeping or that would last, do not come easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment to get it in the first place. I tried a slim fast diet some years ago, sure enough the weight came off – but not for long! I gained all the pounds back as quickly and even more. I’ve since learned the best way to do that is through exercise and a balanced healthy diet. (wholesome foods etc) The best thing is to let patience have her perfect way…wait and it would come in the right time.

  2. You’re right about seeking to become the person we want to be. I keep reminding myself not to sweat over success (or the seemingly lack thereof), wealth and ideal relationships. I want to like myself even more, that’s the first. I am working hard for what I want. The rest will come.

  3. melissa says:

    If I were granted just one wish ~ I’d ask for three more 😛

    You are so right… all this time, I’ve been asking the Lord for a relationship with someone… when I guess, what I truly need at this time is a spiritual partner who’d accompany the kids with me in their catechism classes.

    I asked the Lord to give me money ~ when I needed something more sustainable inorder to fulfill my other dreams…

    Plain Bread vs. the Bread of Life…

    You are right, we ask for something so concrete and fleeting at the same time… and for that I trust that God will provide for that which is more important in our lives…

    the one that will last…

  4. T.J. says:

    A battle with Cancer and the words from a God loving surgeon made me realize that God was calling to me to come home. I saw that I did not like the person I had become and made a conscious decision that if God would lead I would follow him blindly. It’s been difficult at times but has shown me how his love is ever present and has taught me what real love is. Thanks to God for all he has done for me.

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