We learn to love each other when we begin to realize how truly unique and wonderful we are. Like seashells along the shore, no one is entirely alike, each is crafted with an imprint of God’s hand, each one different and special, each one valuable and loved! – Jocelyn Soriano

We all want to be special in one way or another. It is not enough that we are taken care of, we must be seen. It is not enough that we are loved, we must be known and loved for who we really are.

In our desire to be special, however, we try to imitate those who are well admired. We do all we can to be just like them, and along the way, we forget our own uniqueness and beauty.

God has given to each one a special beauty that only he or she can exude. We need not be dismayed that we are not like the ones people praise. In order to shine, we should only be true to who we really are.

Where I Fit In

I can’t help it at times, if I trip when I walk
Or I sing some notes out of tune.
I am not like ones you’ve seen
on movie scenes –
Lovely, witty and sweet.
I am not the shy underdog
with a heart of gold,
or that daring adventurous girl
full of charm.
I fall short trying to fit in,
where I cannot fit in,
trying to be beautiful,
trying to be good.

I look at me
and I cannot see
what He sees,
how someone could love
the likes of me.
But as I look into His eyes
all I know
is that I am loved,
every bit of me – loved.

And I fall for Him,
fearfully yet joyfully,
I fall…
I let myself surrender all –
my hurts, my doubts,
my anger, my insecurities.
And they all vanish
at the sight of Him.

I am moved,
I am thrilled,
I am healed,
every bit of me –
accepted and made whole.

Without even trying to,
He changes me.
Into His own likeness,
He fashions me.
And I sink deeper
into His affections,
where I lose myself
without truly being lost,
where I discover another me,
the one I’ve always
been meant to be!

And it doesn’t matter anymore
that I could never fit in
anywhere else,
for there I’ve found my place,
for there I’ve found myself,
the one He sees,
the one He truly loves!

Don’t be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name. You are mine. – Isaiah 43, WEBBE

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