self-confidence quotes 2012

Self-Confidence Quotes
There is a whole galaxy within you, waiting to be unleashed. Let the universe wait no more.

Take a very good look at the person before the mirror today. There will never be another such as she(he).

“I bare my nakedness to the world that the world may see who I am; not the mask that hides my flaws,not the mask that hides my beauty. I bask in the light and I take off the mask!”

I walked among the deities and discovered to my surprise… I am beautiful, I am one of them!

I am blessed this moment, I am embraced, I surrender only to love.

Let nothing frighten you, for you are after all, a child of eternity.

Look not on what you lack,but on the gift that you possess. You are the only one capable of harnessing such power!

God does not take us only when we are lovable,but moreso when we are most in need of love.

Be not afraid of your own beauty. Shine forth your light and forget not who you really are.

Make peace with your shadow. Unless you are able to,you will never dare venture in the light.

I am not my body. I am not my brain. I am more, much more and I realize the “me” which no other can replace as I face the mirror each morning, smiling for a brand new day of awakening.

It is not enough that you know yourself and what you’re worth. You have to show the world who you really are.

There was a time when I couldn’t forgive myself, that time when the burden of guilt was multiplied a hundred times more by the world that knew nothing but condemn those who are already down. But now is not that time, for it has long come to pass. Now is the time of acceptance, of love, and of believing in myself despite whatever accusations others may try to pass against me.

Judge me not for you do not know me. And even if you could step into my shoes, you still wouldn’t be able to tell what potentials or hidden worlds could arise from within this soul.

Being unique is important because that makes you the only living person who can offer the world what you have. So why be afraid if you don’t fit in at times? Be proud that you can stand out! – Lifted from my article LESSONS ON SELF-CONFIDENCE

I am no less of a person by flaws that you see in me; I am no lesser for I am not those flaws. I know who I am, my flaws and my strengths, and there is no better person who can handle me but me.

I arise from the ashes of doubt, of depression and of self-pity. I arise a new being – strong, confident, beautiful and without limits!

Have you seen a seed? Was it at all that attractive to you? Wait awhile and see that seed grow. See it bear fruit, see its flowers bloom. See? I’ve caught you by surprise! I have just astounded you.

When I told you I could rebuild myself, I wasn’t able to tell the truth. I couldn’t rebuild me. I have just been reborn!

If I have failed you, it was not because I wanted to, but because I’ve failed myself first. Rest assured I will love myself more, and in so doing I would not hurt you ever again.

Look at me! See how much God’s power is to be made manifest!

I am of God, a soul that can never be destroyed. How can it when God can never cease being God?

God loves me, unconditionally. And for me, He leaves the 99 sheep behind so He can find me and make me realize just how much I matter, just how much I am loved.

The greatest gift we can give to our loved ones is the gift of knowing that we are well, and that we are joyful.

Heaven is knowing deep in your soul how you were conceived and how you were bathed in loved. It is tapping unto the endless reserve of mercy and grace when shadows come looming over you.It is knowing that however great the challenges ahead seem to be, there is a Higher Power that will see you through.

This Is My Moment!

This is my moment!
This is my now.
I live in it,
I breathe in it,
I move,
I sing,
I dance.
This is life,
this is forever –
the rain now pouring over me
will never be the same again,
so I cry
I hope
I laugh like a little child.
I look at the sunrise as though it is my first,
as though it will be my last,
I pray
I smile
I love!
I taste the fresh air
as though I’m born again,
I smell the rose
as though an angel gave it to me.
I am here,
I am loved,
I am seen.
This is my moment,
this is the very moment

There Are No Squares In Nature

Come to think of it, when have you ever seen the following?

A square leaf
A square fruit
A square tree
A square raindrop

Coming to think of it, nature, unlike man, does not produce

Square moons
Square suns
Square planets
Or square galaxies

There are no square rainbows
Nor square flowers
Nor square heads
that could fit inside a square box

Yet more often than not, that’s exactly what we do.

We try to put everything inside a box
We try to make all things black and white
We try to make everything spic and span
as though we could put a square peg inside a round hole
and then congratulate ourselves for the feat we have done

Since the dawn of man-made technology,
we have certainly lived in a world of squares:

square houses
square buildings
square computer screens

We write on square papers using square tables
We sleep on square beds and enter upon square doors

Where has all these taken us?
These square things have made a war with our own hearts
And against all mysteries that enrich and empower us

The next time someone tries to put your immortal soul inside a small box
Kindly remind yourself:

There are no square stars in the Universe.

To Look Using God’s Own Eyes

I pray I could learn
to look at people,
the way God sees each one of us –
to be able to forego the little mistakes,
maybe even the big ones
to be able to see weaknesses
turned into strength
to know something’s hurting
and yet know that the hurt
would be healed in time
to look beyond judgment
to see with an understanding heart
to see what’s beautiful
to appreciate what’s good
to not measure anybody’s destiny
with their present plight
but to see real hope for everyone
the way God sees us
To know that orphans
have their Father
To know that those imprisoned
have One who will set them free
To see how the poor
will one day bask in God’s abundance
To see the brokenhearted
in days when God Himself
will cradle them upon His lap
To be able to see with God’s own eyes
is to see with gladness,
with hope,
and with a love so strong
it could never ever fail!

I urge you to know
who you really are;
in your eyes,
in your heart.
Know thyself,
especially your strengths.
Know that which is
Know that which is
Know that which has made you
the unique and wonderful
person that you are!

Loving Yourself Through God’s Eyes

There are times when no matter how hard we try, we feel unable to love ourselves. In such times, we feel its so much easier to love other people. After all, they’re not with us 24 hours in a day We don’t see all their weaknesses. We don’t have to live with their regrets. And we’re not the ones who have to carry their hurts.

In such times, we feel overwhelmed. We don’t have enough strength to accept this person we see in the mirror everyday.

We don’t have enough love to love her. We don’t have enough strength to uplift her when she couldn’t believe in herself anymore.

During such times, I’ve known of a way to help you continue improving your relationship with yourself. And that way is to see yourself through God’s own eyes.

In God’s eyes, there is no judgment, there is only acceptance. In God’s eyes, there is no pain too hard to bear nor weaknesses too weak to be overcome by His insurmountable strength.

God can embrace us wholeheartedly, opening us up yet sustaining us and healing us at the same time. God sees all our potentials. God sees our light when all that we can see are our shadows.

God sees this person who falls but who has the power to get up again and again. God sees this person who gets hurt but does not become hard or bitter, only softer, more resilient to change.

God sees you. God cherishes you. God’s eyes love you more than anyone could ever love you as you really are.

Separate Your Mistakes from Your Self Image

Sometimes its so easy not to separate our behavior from our image of ourselves, to separate the sin from the sinner, so they say.

When we make blunders, we feel we’re failures. When we have broken relationships, we feel we are broken too and worthless.

However, if we truly desire to improve our relationship with ourselves, we must learn to practice acknowledging our errors without eroding our overall belief in our worth.

So you failed in your exams, does it mean you haven’t learned anything? So you weren’t accepted for a job, does it mean no employer would later on trust you and consider you a valuable asset to his company?

Things like those happen. Things change. What should remain intact is our respect and love for ourselves, our belief that we are God’s children and no matter how many mistakes we make along the way of growing up, we are still destined for Grace and eternal Joy!

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