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You hear her cries, you see her tears, and you wonder how on earth you’re going to wipe them all away.  You try to wipe them with your handkerchief, but then she cries again, and tears continue falling.

Your heart breaks, and deep in your soul you don’t want to see her that way.  You get furious at those people who’ve hurt her like this, surely they have no right to do this to her.  But what could you do?

You can’t turn back time, you can’t pull it back to that moment when she’s happy and her eyes filled with the spark of laughter.  No matter how much you wish, you can’t undo the evil that has been done.

But you can stay beside her, and you can hold her hand.  And if you can’t pull her out of the darkness she’s in, you can join her where she is and let her know she is never truly alone.

You can wait with her until the storm passes.  You can remind her how beautiful she is and how you believe deep down in your heart she’s going to rise above it all a stronger and more beautiful person.

You can be a shoulder to lean on to, a reminder of the strength she already has.  Yes, you can wait with her for the morning, when the sun shall reveal once more a glitter of hope upon her teary eyes. 

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