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Have you ever wondered why things should change? Why is nature like that? Animals are born, they grow strong, they grow old, they mate to give birth to new animals. Why grow old? Why give birth to another? Isn’t it enough that they stay the same and play the role necessary in this life?

Asking these questions however prompts us to consider another scenario – a scenario where nothing changes and everything stays the same. Can you imagine a world where there is no blossoming flower? No new plant to spring forth from the ground? No season but springtime? No time but day or eternal night? What kind of world would that be then?

Yet we proceed with our questions. What is the use of diversity, of evolution if no one profits from seeing them? If nothing lasts long enough to witness such glories unfold one after the other?

We must admit it. We are the ones who wanted to see. We are the ones who wanted to remain. But even men, with all our intelligence and awareness die. We can’t seem to escape death. All that remains of us is our history. Yet is it?

Maybe life’s real essence is two-fold: one that changes, and one that stays the same. It isn’t nature’s way to destroy, but to cultivate, and to carry forward the harvest yielded from its scattered seeds.

In this we find comfort. For there is just too much value in one human life lived for it to be buried beneath the ground forever, no fruit whatsoever yielding from it all.

There must be something then that cultivates the seed of one life for it to grow forward, multiply, and burst forth with unending life.

No human life can be passed on only through biological procreation, nor through any song, novel, or even a detailed diary of a person’s life. All these things diminish only the said person’s life instead of preserving it whole and making it yield. The value of one’s human existence is in the person’s soul. Where forth does it go?

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I will betroth you to me forever. Yes, I will betroth you to me in righteousness, in justice, in loving kindness, and in compassion. – Hosea 2