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To Love Is Difficult, Why Desire It?

“Difficult as it is, love is wonderful, and it is worth all the troubles other people may try to warn you about. Living a full life, risking to lose something wonderful. To love is indeed the one purpose a person desires to live his life for. Life always chooses to be born, to be experienced, and to be aware of the beautiful path we walk upon each day.”

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What If I’m Afraid To Love?

“Love, they say, is the complete opposite of fear. That thought worries me at times, because I cannot say that I’m that brave enough already to love. There are certain fears that still reside in my heart. But then again, when true love comes, it will certainly come as a mighty river, casting away all fears,making its way straight unto my heart! What is there to worry about when perfect love casts away all fears?”

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They Can Never Understand

“They can never understand
how two hearts can speak
without uttering a single word,
how two minds can understand,
without explaining a single thought.

Only LOVE speaks,
Only LOVE hears,
can ever truly understand.”

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How Do You Recognize True Love?

“True love does not run away.
True love does not lose faith.
True love does not retreat
with the slightest discomfort.
True love endures.
True love heals.
True love overcomes all darkness
and all hopelessness.
You will never doubt true love when you see it.
You will just know.
You will BELIEVE.”

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Forget Not Love

“Forget not love.
Forget it not.
Thou shall forget everything
but let not love depart.
Love is your life’s meaning.
It is the bringer of light.
With love,
no day is lost,
no moment is meaningless.
Love remembers
Love shall remain in you
and you in love.”

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It Is Not Enough to Love

“It isn’t enough that a man should live
For a man must love;
It isn’t enough that a man should love
For a man should love fully
and be able to bear
both the pain
and the highest joys
of his love.”

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Will You Still Love Me Even If I’m Not Perfect?

“If you will love me I cannot promise you that I will not hurt you. I cannot promise you that I will not make you cry and that I’ll never break your heart. But if you will love me, I will bare my whole self naked before you, and I will reveal to you my soul. If you will love me, you can be certain that it is I that you will love, not a mask that fools you and gives you only what your eyes desire to see. If you will love me, you can be certain that you will love the depths of me, all of me that is in me, and I in turn will love you with all of me, with all my soul, with all my mind, with all my spirit, with all my flaws and beauty, and with all my very heart.”

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On The Nature of Love

“You lose yourself into love
but then you are never truly lost

You find oneness with the one you love
but in the process learn to discover yourself more

You are strengthened in love
You are defined in love

You can never be a better you apart from love
For only love unites in such a way
as to make the beautiful even more beautiful
and to make each lover stronger and purer than he or she could ever be alone.”

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Love Is Not Blind

“there is someone
who understands you,
who sees you
even more than you can see yourself

his eyes are like clear mirrors
reflecting to you
the you he loves and sees

and though you are afraid at first,
your fears are vanquished
and you are able to see through his eyes
what you were afraid to see

love is not blind after all
for love sees more
love sees what no other sees”

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Madly in Love?

“…the truth is
we have just begun to see
and that we have never been
of a more sound mind
the truth is
we have caught a glimpse
of God’s power
of the power of love
and with that power
all the Universe is ours
fear is no more
there is only LOVE.”

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You Are Loved

“You are loved
focus on that
breathe on that
live on that
move in that
from one moment to the next
in your waking hours
in your dreams
in your imaginings
until no barrier exists
between yourself
and your lover
between God
and His beloved
until nothing can ever separate you
from the Love that lives forever
and transcends all things
all places
and all possibilities
You are loved
that is all that matters”

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Loving Broken People

“We cannot exempt ourselves from the world
while we are in the world,
and while we are in it
it is our lot to love broken men.
Yet how can we do it
when we are ourselves are broken,
and need to be assured
that we are loved
that we are accepted
for being the broken people that we are.”

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