it is not yet too late for you“Your last chapters can be your best.  Your final song can be your greatest.  It could be that all of your life has prepared you for a grand exit.  God’s oldest have always been among his choicest.”

-He Still Moves Stones

Too old.  Too late.  Too hard.  How do we know they’re true unless we try?

What’s too hard for you to do?  What age is too old?  When is it too late?  Sometimes, we’re the ones who are limiting the very things we are still capable of doing.  We hear these words said all the time that we believe them and claim them as our truth, as our limitations.

Once in a while we hear certain people succeed despite all the challenges they faced in life.  We hear of athletes that broke world records.  We hear old people marry and even do amazing things like finish a marathon or earn a black belt in martial arts.  We hear success stories like that but we don’t accept them as part of our reality.  We consider them as “exceptions” rather than as part of our truth.

Why do we have this tendency to accept the things that would bring us down and to reject the things that would lift us up?  Why do we look at what we can’t do rather than rejoice at what we can STILL do?

Never mind what other people said.  What’s that inner voice within you saying?  What’s God’s voice saying? Making your dreams come true starts with claiming YOUR dreams as your own, not anyone else’s. (Read more on “Making Your Dreams Come True”)

We should also remember that wherever we are in our journey towards our dreams, WE CAN ALWAYS BEGIN SOMEWHERE.  And that somewhere includes many places including those often called as TOO OLD, TOO LATE and TOO HARD. “You can always begin somewhere.” (Read more on 5 Things to Remember When Reaching for Your Dream

Remember that GOD OFTEN CHOOSES THE MOST UNLIKELY PEOPLE FOR THE JOB.  And that includes Moses who was already in retirement and Abraham who was thought to be too old to have a child.

It is not yet too late for you.  If it is God’s plan for you, it will come true even if the whole world says it couldn’t.  What’s your greatest dream?  What’s your greatest joy?  Take heart because this could yet be your greatest moment.  It is never too late for God’s plans to come true.

To Believe What the Eyes Cannot See

To trust when you cannot see the way,
To keep on believing when there’s no one else
to cheer you on,
To keep on hoping
To keep on dreaming
Even when your way seems blocked,
Even when you’ve waited for so long,
Just carry on, carry on.
Drop by drop
Your cup shall overflow,
Inch by inch
You’ll walk the mile.
Be impatient not for the day
For it will surely come!
It will give way
To the man who knows
What he truly desires.
Clouds shall gather without your knowing,
Seeds shall grow beneath the ground,
And soon the clouds that have gathered
Shall pour as heavy rain,
With showers of blessings before your very eyes.
Soon the seed shall be a tree,
Mighty and strong,
And yielding a hundred fruits for the picking.
Trust that none can stop that rain from falling,
Or that seed from breaking free.
And you shall break free!
One day you, too, shall see
How God’s own plan comes true
How He shall make a way for you
Until you reach your destiny!

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